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How should you launch your Crowdfunder project?

by Back Her Business | Apr 09, 2019 | Learn

How should you launch your Crowdfunder project?

We know that launching your Crowdfunder project is a big and important step in the process, and you might be asking, “How do I go about it?” Well, we’ve asked our Senior Crowdfunder Coach, Bertie, to give his insight on the topic.

In my opinion, the strength of a good campaign lies in the preparation.

Creating an overall first impression of success is key in convincing others to get involved with your project! This means not sending out your project while it’s on zero, and instead waiting until you have a few backers behind you. This will show people that your project is something to shout about.

Below are some of my favorite ways of setting yourself up for success when it comes to launching your Crowdfunding project.

1. A launch event

Many projects have told me that a launch event was the perfect way to get supporters on board from day 1 – while celebrating the exciting crowdfunding milestone, of course. This event doesn’t need to be massive, but, at the end of the day, it’s an excellent way of getting people excited about what you’re doing.

Adria, who recently crowdfunded for Crumbs Brewery, said that there was nothing better that he could have done for his campaign than inviting everyone to a launch party. He gave everyone a free beer when they arrived, and then another one after they had pledged.

In short, a launch party is an opportunity to really have some fun and tell people about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Not to mention that getting people involved at the beginning will make them feel more connected to your project. This, in turn, will make them more likely to share your project with their network.

2. Soft launch

Before you go live, it helps to know where roughly 10-20% of your target is going to come from. This will mean that, when your project does go live, there will be a lot of activity on your page, creating a very positive impression.

If you let those who are most likely to pledge know your project has gone live first, you’ll be able to get some initial pledges on your page. This means that, when the public looks at your page, they’ll feel more comfortable pledging because they can see that others have already shown their support. Remember, no one wants to be the first to arrive at a party!

3. Start with a bang

Mapping out a list of potential supporters who might be interested in your campaign will really boost your chances of starting with a bang. You can check out our network mapping exercise here.

Don’t forget to start important conversations before your launch date. To put it simply, lining up some businesses and individuals that might pledge a large amount when you go live will really give your project a boost in the eyes of the public.

To really amplify your campaign buzz, you can also arrange to have some influencers and press channels announce your launch!